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Headaches are not a disease in their own right, but a symptom that indicates a problem.



Several causes can lead to headaches. It is now frequently observed that muscle and/or joint problems in the neck are the trigger for various types of headaches.

When a joint in the neck loses its free movement, the This irritates or pinches the nerve, which often leads to pain. The pain causes you to tense up, which leads to the joints in your neck losing more and more mobility. This in turn aggravates the pain, and once it has reached this point, it is almost impossible to get out of this vicious circle without treatment. A number of studies and clinical experiences show that the headache often disappears as soon as the mobility of the joints is restored. This also loosens the muscles so that normal function of the cervical spine is soon possible again.




Before the chiropractor examines and treats a patient with a headache, he or she performs various examinations and tests to rule out another, more serious cause for the headache. If the headaches are actually due to joint or muscle problems, the chiropractor can help the patient.

Tension headaches


Headaches that originate in the neck are often Called tension headaches. These are achieved through certain movements or positions triggered or aggravated. The Main pain is in the neck or back of the head and often radiates to the forehead often to the forehead, eyes, temples, skull or ears from. Restricted mobility is typical of this pain in the area of the neck, and a very sensitive, abnormally moving feeling muscles. This type of headache often occurs in the morning on worst, and decreases slightly over the day, worsens but again when tired. The pain sometimes lasts for days and in the worst cases can become chronic.



Migraine is a special form of headache. A distinction is made between two different types:

One type begins with flickering before the eyes. After a short time, the patient feels very severe pain in one half of the head. The length of these migraine attacks varies from a few hours to several days and are often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and visual disturbances.

Another type of migraine is characterized by pain around the eyes, but is rarely accompanied by nausea. At the same time, there is a strong sensitivity in the upper neck area on the same side.

The seizures are often so severe that the patient’s only option is to go to bed.



Several studies have shown that chiropractic treatments bring about a significant improvement in headaches originating in the neck. An improvement can often be felt after the first treatment. However, as the symptoms originate in the mobile cervical spine, they often occur in connection with workloads or relapses occur due to strain and stress, which means that treatment is necessary again. In chronic cases, longer-term treatment is usually necessary. Symptoms such as dizziness, hearing loss on one side and ringing or ringing in the ears can be treated if the symptoms have their cause in the cervical spine and not in the organ itself.

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